AVNRich Token

AVNRich Token is utilized to reward users by making use of the AVNRich multi-vendor platform, it is a cryptocurrency based on a Binance Smart Chain, also known as BEP-20 tokens. AVN token was created for the community with easy access to digital goods and services in the digital world. AVNRich aims to merge blockchain technology into e-commerce in various ways allowing anyone who wants to buy high-quality products.


AVNRich Dapp

Staking, Farming And IDO

AVNRich Token features

How AVNRich Yield Farming Works?

AVNRich Yield Farming

AVNRich Yield farming takes a little work to get set up.
You’re going to need some "LP Tokens" to enter into a Farm with. Farms can only accept their own exact LP Token; for example, the AVN-BNB Farm will only accept AVN-BNB or LP Tokens.
To get the exact LP Token, you'll need to provide liquidity for that trading pair. So to get AVN-BNB LP Tokens, you'll first have to provide liquidity for the AVN-BNB pair.
It may sound intimidating, but it's not too complicated. Let's go through step by step.

1. Providing liquidity to get LP Tokens

Now that you’ve found a Farm to stake in, you will need to add liquidity to get your LP Tokens.
Click on the row of the Farm you’ve chosen from the list. It will open to show more details.
On the left, you’ll see some links. Click the Get (your pair) LP link.

2. Putting your LP Tokens into the Farm

Go back to the Farms page and locate your Farm. Click anywhere on the row showing your pair. It will expand to show more details.
When you have the amount entered, the Confirm button will light up. Click it. Your wallet will ask you to confirm your action.
After a short wait, the window will close, and you will see your new staked LP Token balance in the details.

3. Adding or removing LP Tokens from a Farm

Find the Farm you have LP Tokens in, and click the row to view details. You will see a – and + button on the right-hand side. Click – to remove LP Tokens, or + to add more LP Tokens.

4. Collecting your farming rewards.

Farming will bring you AVN rewards over time. You can collect these rewards and use them to get more LP Tokens, stake them in Syrup Pools, use them anything else you’d like.

How AVNRich Staking Works?

AVNRich Staking

Stake AVN Tokens
If you do not want to supply your AVN tokens to the platform, you can just Stake them. Staking AVN tokens on the individual Staking pools will generate additional tokens. In this guide, we will Stake AVN to earn more AVN.

1. Go back to the Home Menu, tap on “Pools.

2. Approve staking of the AVN tokens first. Press the + sign to input the number of AVN tokens you want to stake and Confirm it.

3. Your AVN tokens will be staked and you will earn additional AVN tokens. Harvest your AVN at anytime and stake it again to gain more tokens.

How AVNRich IDO (Initial Dex Offering) Works?

AVNRich IDO (Initial Dex Offering)

How to participate in an IDO



MAX Total Supply

300,000,000 AVNRich Token

1. Pre-sale


2. Liquidity


3. Foundation


4. Product & Marketing


5. Partnership & ecos..


6. Team


7. Shop rewards


8. Advisor's


9. Charity


10. Staking & Farming


AVNRich Token INformation

AVNRich Token Binance Smart Chain

  • Token Name – AVNRich Token
  • Symbol – AVN
  • Decimal – 18
  • Max Total Supply – 300,000,000 AVN
  • Contract Address – 0xbf151f63d8d1287db5fc7a3bc104a9c38124cdeb